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International Sales Meeting Pyrotek. September, 2019.


  1. Motivate the sales
  2. Foster team work.
  3. Learn a protocol for connection, communication and customer relationship.
  4. Provide tools to improve the effectiveness of sales processes.
  5. Improve verbal and non-verbal communication.
  6. Learn how to ask questions which generate connection and obtain valuable information.
  7. Develop NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) to know how to lead communication.
  8. Differentiate between price and value.
  9. Understand key aspects and phases of negotiation. Harvard System.
  10. Deal with objections. Negotiate price.

Programme and content:


  1. Selling phases.
  2. Sales funnel. RISA Method.
  3. Effective questions for each phase of the process.
  4. Effective roles for each phase of the process.
  5. Price and value.
  6. Objections and close.


  1. Axioms and principles of communication.
  2. Information vs Communication. Feedback.
  3. Listening levels.
  4. Communication skills.
  5. The Universe of Non-Verbal Communication.
  6. Neurolinguistic programming. VAK profile and rapport.

Practical and experiential and based on 4 essential pillars:

  1. Experiencing: Each module will begin with a practical exercise to generate impact. The objective is to create expectation, surprise and a sensorial experience to stimulate curiosity and raise attention around concepts which be subsequently explained.

  2. Sharing: After each exercise, we share the experience and personal learnings in order to leverage collective intelligence.

  3. Learning: We review, analyse and collect those aspects experienced during the training.
  4. Implementing: Applying project learnings in participants daily positions. Translate them into concrete actions and build an action and improvement plan.

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