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Ada Morales

What do a telecommunications multinational, a restaurant, a real estate agency, and a multimedia information group have in common?

I built my career in all of them, and after 15 years of selling cold calling in highly competitive departments of a multinational and diverse sector companies, But one day I decided to work for myself as an independent professional.

Sales work requires attitude and aptitude, mental strength, endurance, and great tolerance for frustration. It also has many rewards.

I stopped selling for others and began to capitalize on my knowledge, accumulated experience, and commercial intelligence.

Entrepreneurship was not easy, in 2009 I went back to university to complete various postgraduate studies, I train in different business schools, and learning from the best coaches. Since then, I have never stopped studying.

Who am I?

My name is Ada Morales, my job is to getting freelance and companies to improve their efficiency and performance. I help them grow their business

I am a consultant, teacher, mentor and business coach.

I believe in a society where people and organizations move towards a more sustainable and empathetic society.

For 10 years ago I´ve been working on projects for small, medium-sized companies and multinationals from different sectors (medicine, health, engineering, banking, retail, administration, fashion…) as you can see in my portfolio.

I´ve a degree in advertising and communication, a master’s degree in pedagogical skills, I´ve postgraduate degrees in psychology, emotional intelligence and leadership. I also have specific certifications in executive business and coaching, which you can check on my linkedin.

I continue to be linked to the university where I am currently studying 2nd year of performing arts. I love the theater, the magic of words. I´m passionate about nature, animals, of course the sea, which I am always close to. I live in Valencia. I am very active women. I love diving. Reading and sports are my medicine.

I am brave, optimistic and fun; They say that my smile is my “cover letter”, that’s why my sales method is called SMILE.


What can I do for you?

I’m an expert in implementing programs to improve internal communication, teamwork, leadership skills, and high performance work (which doesn’t mean working more hours, it means doing it better).

How do I do it?

I help executives, managers, and teams to decipher the emotional stages of change and develop behaviors that align with the company’s business challenge.

By the way, I only work with committed clients who know that sales are a process, a multidisciplinary profession without magic pills.

Markets are conversations

Shall we talk?

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