Commercial Coaching

Own training system in sales, P.N.L, communication and negotiation.

Aimed at CEO’s, area managers, entrepreneurs, salespeople and commercial directors.

If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses

– Henry Ford –

In most companies we observe an irregular and unbalanced distribution in their sales figures and their salespeople.

Surviving in today’s markets requires being an incisive and effective professional pampering the customer and offering them a memorable shopping experience.

Excelent performance
Very low performance
Average performance 60%



    Selling is not dispatching


    No closing, no sale


    Your client is your partner


    Turn your client into a fan

Reset your team.

Motivate your sales force.

With my method it’s easy.


SMILE Method

Proprietary system for consultative selling.

A simple, human, and fun funnel.

Commercial intellingence

My work methodology in 5 steps:


I identify the needs of each seller and sales force.
I analyze your strengths and areas for improvement.


I delve deeply into your industry and organization.
I investigate and analyze to get to know you and your customer better.

High-Impact Training

I decide the best scenario for your learning, whether in-person, online, or hybrid.

Role-playing, dynamics, and exercises

I activate your talents and encourage collective intelligence.
I combine challenges, games, and activities with direct feedback.

Action plan and follow-up

I promote continuity with adherence and commitment.
We aim to level up and achieve sales excellence.

Selling is the task of the brave.
Ada Morales

Learn with me

People who resist change can't resist changing for the worse.
Oscar Wilde

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